10% Discount

We are running a 10% discount on all tree work in Aberdeen and surrounding areas.

Ken's Friend's Tree Service removing a tree near Aberdeen Wa
Ken’s Friend’s Tree Service (Bruce) removing a tree near Aberdeen Wa


If you would like to take advantage of a discount for any tree work, we are offering a 10% discount in Aberdeen and surrounding areas. The area of the discount covers a 50 mile radius from Aberdeen/Hoquiam.


To receive a 10% discount simply email us at ken@treepros.org


Email ken@treepros.org or  call (3600) 500-3638. If you call, please mention the 10% discount. (We ask you to mention the discount because we are measuring the results of an advertising campaign).

Limited Time Offer


We are not sure how long we will be offering the 10% discount. That all depends on how busy we get. Once we get too busy then we will have to end the offer. We are running an experiment testing the cost of running a mailing campaign with the 10% discount. If the math works out well, we can keep it going unless we get too busy to keep up.

The areas that we are running the offer for tree work discount

Ken's Friend's Tree Service removing large spruce tree at Lake Quinault Wa
Ken’s Friend’s Tree Service removing large spruce tree at Lake Quinault Wa
  • Aberdeen
  • Hoquiam
  • Copalis Crossing
  • Pacific Beach
  • Moclips
  • Copalis Beach
  • Ocean City
  • Ocean Shores
  • West Port
  • Taholah
  • Lake Quinault
  • Central Park
  • Montesano
  • Elma

What type of Tree work is included in the special offer?


We offer a complete tree service menu. Everything that a tree service can do for a tree, we offer. The only thing that we do not do is to transplant trees. Other than that, we do everything that has to with tree work. Below is a list of the services that we offer.

  • Tree Removal
  • Close Quarter Tree Removal
  • Dangerous Tree Removal (for example dead trees growing over houses, storm damaged tree service work etc.
  • Horticulturally Correct Tree Trimming
  • Dead Wooding
  • Tree Skirting (cutting lower branches from a tree so as to increase the space between the limbs and the ground).
  • Tree Topping
  • Tree Surgery (repairing damaged areas of a tree such as cavities, broken or improper cuts etc).
  • Stump Grinding (stump removal)
  • Tree Cabling (Cabling week section(s) of a tree to stronger section(s) for added support. In some cases, cabling multiple trees together in order to increase the odds of any one or more trees from falling over).
  • Safety Sailing. (Wind sail reduction. We selectively remove limbs from a trees in order to reduce wind sail. This is done in order to lower the odds of a tree being uprooted or braking in a storm. Safety sailing is generally performed without changing the original shape of the canopy. This method is considered by arborist to be the most horticulturally correct method. However it is not as effective as topping a tree in terms of reducing the likelihood of tree support failure. Topping a tree is frowned upon by many as it may cause future horticultural issues.
  • Filtered Sunlight Enhancement. (The process of selectively removing limbs from a tree in order to enhance sunlight for the lawn, lower vegetation, reducing moss over growth or just to allow more sunlight in general)’
  • view trimmed trees at Sea Brook WaTrees view trimmed at Sea Brook. Before trimming you could not see the ocean


Thank you for your interest!!

Ken Hawley