Kens Tree Service

Kens Tree Service / A Brief History

Kens Tree Service officially started doing business in Grays Harbor County in 2010. But I, Ken,  started doing tree work full time in 1973.  This is a link to the Better Business Bureau. Even though I wasn’t signed up as a member, Kens Tree Service had an A plus rating:

I learned how to do tree work from my father

My dad had a tree service and in 1973 at age 16, I started climbing full time for my father. He had started doing tree work in 1961 and at one time he ended up with 11 workers. So when I started doing tree work I had the advantage of being trained by several other professional tree surgeons. Plus because climbers had a tendency of coming and going, I was able to pick up new tricks from each new and old climber. Click here for full history.


A picture of me removing a fir trees in the early days

I was booked out normally two to four months

A few years after starting Kens Tree Service, I was normally booked out two to four months. I did not advertise, all of my referrals and repeat customers were by word of mouth.

(This is a customer review sent to The BBB)

Joe D.
Requested tree removal on September 30, due to backlog, Ken estimated 60 to 75 days before he could get to it. Actual completion date 11/8. Ken offered two bids, one fixed price; alternatively, bid by the hour. I chose fixed price. He did exactly what he said he would do, and I’m very satisfied with the service.

Throughout my career I had several different tree services

I went back and forth between working for other companies and running my own businesses. For example I worked for different line clearance companies like Davey Tree, Wilsons Utility construction Company, Asplundh etc. I also worked for a few residential tree services as well. So every now and again I would start a tree service working for myself. Usually it would start out working on the weekends while keeping my 40 hour a week job. But what would happen is that in time My weekend work would get so backlogged that I would have to give a notice where I was working at the time in order to go into my business full time. That was just a natural progression in order to keep up with demand.

Each time that I moved locations I would start a new business

 Each time that I would move I would end up starting a new tree service. So over my career I owned DBA’s (doing business as) these different names:

  • B and K Tree Service
  • B and K Tree and lawn (a complete vegetation management program)
  • Kens Tree Service
  • And now Tree Pros of Grays Harbor County

The reason that I closed Kens Tree Service

After 46 years of climbing trees, I was just getting too old to keep climbing. So I decided to retire from climbing and to pass the torch to one of the people that I had trained. So I made a deal with Bruce Spears for him to start his own business and I would close mine.

Bruce started Ken’s friend’s Tree Service

So Bruce started Ken’s Friend’s Tree Service and I refer all of my customers to him.

Bruce removing a large fir tree
Here is a picture of Bruce piecing out a large fir tree in sections

I had told Bruce to pick a name for his business, get licensed bonded and insured and that he could essentially take over. He liked the idea of keeping my name in his business so he chose “Ken’s Friend’s Tree Service.

The Reason for writing this post.

I realized that there are customers of mine that are trying to locate us by googling Kens Tree Service so that is the reason for writing this article.

If you have any questions or if you would like a free estimate please call.

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Thank You!!