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Welcome to Tree Pros of Grays Harbor County!! We have been satisfying customers in Montesano Wa since 2007. I have been doing tree work professionally since 1973. I learned from my Dad who was doing tree work since 1961. To read more about my history click here Ken Hawley.


A picture of me removing a fir trees in the early days


The reason for writing this article


Even though I have been doing tree work in Montesano and the surrounding areas since 2007 I did not advertise. All of my work came from word of mouth. But now we are expanding and wanting to gain a presence on the internet. That is why I am writing this article. We want to be an option for you choose for whatever tree needs you may have.


Ranking in the search engines for tree work in Montesano


You see, when you first make a website or post and article on line, it takes a little while for google and the other search engines to rank you. If you don’t rank high enough you will not show up on the first page of the search. If you don’t show up on the first page, the odds of a potential customer calling you are slim. So by writing this post it will help us rank for tree work in Montesano and therefore let the good folks in this area know that we are here to offer our services.


Bruce and Matt removing trees near Aberdeen Wa
Bruce and Matt removing trees near Aberdeen Wa


Caution, Local doesn’t always mean Local


Often times when you do a LOCAL search, you are not getting a LOCAL service. For example I am going to type into google “local tree services near Montesano Wa” and see what comes up;

  1. Luisiana Tree Services LLC | Solutions in WA |
  2. Local Tree Service | Step 1: Enter Your Zip Code
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  8. Tree Services Companies in Washington
  9. Coastal Tree Service | Cosmopolis, WA 98537
  10. Buffalo, New York – Davey Tree Service
  11. Tree Removal Pros | Don’t Overpay, Compare Pros
  12. Stump Grinding / Removal

Ok, I just finished searching ‘local tree services near Montesano Wa”.  These were all found on the first page of google. Todays date is November 7th 2019. None of these listings are directly from a local tree service. They are from a listing directory, or a lead generation company.

A lead generation company

Lead generation company are experts in generating leads. So if they are trying to get leads to sell to a tree service, they may advertise that they are local when in fact they are not. They may be from out of state. They may not even be from this country. They are not tree experts. They are lead generation experts. If you contact them they will then contact a real tree service and try to sell the lead. Then If the tree service buys the lead when they come out to bid your job they will have to add the cost of the lead that will be secretly added into the bid. But I’m afraid it get’s worse. Let’s say that the tree service paid for five leads in order to get one job. The tree service will be forced to add that cost onto his bids if he wants to stay in business.

I’m not saying to never use a third party lead generation company if you want to. But at the same time I just wanted to bring it to your you can make an informed decision.

Check out my article on How to choose a tree service.

We really are a local tree service doing tree work in Montesano Wa

view trimmed trees at Sea Brook Wa
Trees view trimmed at Sea Brook. Before trimming you could not see the ocean

Services we offer;


1686 Ocean Beach Rd

Me (Ken) removing a tree near Ocean Shores Wa
This is me removing a tree in large pieces near Ocean Shores