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We are a local tree service doing work in Ocean Shores

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I started doing tree work in 1973 full time at age 16. I leaned from my Dad who started doing tree work in 1961. Now we are a local tree service doing work in Ocean Shores Wa since 2007.

Thank you for considering Tree Pros of Grays Harbor County

Hello, my name is Ken Hawley and I want to thank you for coming here and looking at our company and for considering us to help you with whatever tree related needs you may have.

The type of tree service work we offer

Me (Ken) removing a tree near Ocean Shores Wa
This is me removing a tree in large pieces near Ocean Shores


We offer a full range of tree service related work which includes:

The reason for writing this post that we are a local company doing tree work in Ocean Shores.

Even though I’ve been doing tree work now in all of grays harbor county and beyond including Ocean Shores since 2007 I just started building a web site a little bit ago. I was getting all of my work just by word of mouth. But we are wanting to expand and also get a presence on line as well. But because our website is new, Google, Bing. Yahoo and other search engines do not rank new sites right away. It can take many month if not years to rank in all of the service areas that we currently work in.

Ranking by location to where the business office is located relative to where the customer is searching from.

A high ranking factor with search engines is weighed heavily towards where you are searching from in reference to where the place of business you are searching is located. For example if you where on your cell phone in Seattle and you googled” tree services near me” a high ranking factor would lean towards tree services in Seattle closest to where you did your search from. Then if you drove say to Olympia and googled “tree services near me”, you would most likely get different search results because you are now closer to tree services that have their office in Olympia. view trimming

So because Tree Pros Of Grays Harbor County’s address is in Copalis Crossing, If you googled “tree services near me from Ocean Shores we probably wouldn’t show up in the search. Not yet anyway. But because there are over 200 ranking factors that google considers, in time we would have more of a chance to show up as we start to qualify for more of the ranking factors. So that is the reason for this post.

I want the people in Ocean Shores that need our services to know that we are a tree service in Ocean Shores.

We love doing tree work, we really do And we love making customers happy and referring us to others. So we want the folks that live in Ocean Shores to know that we are here and ready to do whatever tree job  that they need done.

Lionel removing a large spruce tree between Ocean Shores and Seabrook
Lionel removing a large spruce tree between Ocean Shores and Seabrook

Many adds that you see online advertising that they do tree work in Ocean Shores are not from tree service companies. They are lead generating companies. After they get the lead they will sell it to whoever will buy it.

You will recognize these lead generating companies by how they word their adds.

  •  Best tree service in Ocean Shores
  • 4 Best Tree Services – Ocean Shores WA | Tree Removal
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  • Tree Service Find Top Rated Arborists
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  • The 10 Best Tree Trimming Services in Ocean Shores, WA
  • Ocean Shores Tree Service – abctreeservicepros.com
  • Find a Tree Service – Free Price Quotes – Tree Trimming & Removal
  •   Cheap Tree Removal – Talk To A Pro Today

Can you believe this!! All of these companies are trying to get local business in Ocean Shores and I doubt that they have ever been to Ocean Shores. Most of them couldn’t tell you were it is on a map and none of them are tree experts. They are lead generating experts.

I don’t know how you feel about it but for me if I want to find a local contractor to hire to do a Job, I would prefer if he were a local contractor that actually is local and  actually knows how to do the work that you are wanting done.

All of us at Tree Pros Of Grays Harbor County are local.

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