Stump Removal

Stump removal in Aberdeen Wa and Grays Harbor County


Stump removal also called stump grinding is the process of removing a stump by using a machine called a stump grinder. Just as the name suggest, the stump grinder “grinds”the stump into small chips.


How a stump grinder works


Most stump grinders work by using a disc that is powered by an engine that has carbide teeth attached to the disc. While the disk spins, it is places on the edge of the stump until the carbide teeth make contact with the wood so as to chip away the stump. The size of the chips are normally around an inch and a half by half an inch or smaller.


How much of the stump can the stump grinder remove?


 The process of grinding a stump can remove all of the stump. Most stump grinders can go about 18 inches below the surface of the ground. In most cases that removes all the the main densely wooded part of the stump. What still may be left is roots and perhaps a few small pieces that the machine could not reach.


Can a Stump Grinder remove the roots?


A stump grinder can remove all of the larger roots of a stump. The smaller roots can be removed also but in most cases there is no need to remove smaller roots.


Is there a need for removing the roots?


Depending on the purpose of removing the stump would determine if the roots would need to be removed or not. Below is a list of reasons why a person may want to remove a stump.

  • The tree stump can be considered an eye sore on a nicely manicured lawn or landscape
  • The stump is in the way of mowing the lawn
  • As the stump decomposes it can become a habitat for undesirable insects, termites and wood eating ants.
  • The stump is in the way of a project that you want to work on where the stump is located
  • You want to put a garden and for that reason you would prefer the stump not being there
  • You would rather have grass or other vegetation instead of a stump
  •  The stump and it’s roots have created a mound and you would like the ground level
  • The roots are above the ground and  you want those removed so as not to trip on them or be in the way


These are some of the reasons that you might want to remove your stump(s). Again, depending on the reason for the stump removal that would determine the amount of roots you would want to be removed. We will discus some of those reasons below.


If you are planning on putting in a driveway, a patio, sidewalk, slab or anything that needs to be supported by a firm surface, then removal of all large roots becomes important


The reason that it is important to not only remove the stump but to also remove it’s roots is because as wood decomposes it also shrinks. A stump and it’s roots can loose up to 90 percent or so of it’s mass. In so doing it will leave a cavity under the surface of whatever construction was placed above where the stump and roots once were. The size of the cavity can be as much as ninety percent of whatever the mass of the stump and roots were. If you are not trying to protect construction from cavities below the surface, it normally is not necessary to remove all of the roots.

As a side note, I have seen on several occasions where a contractor would pour an asphalt driveway over a stump that was just cut flush to the surface of the ground. Then over the next many years there would be a continuous sink hole constantly developing.

Think of how large a stump can be. Whatever size you see above ground, it is much larger below the ground. Similar to an ice burg. ( Not to say that a tree stump is to the same extent as an ice burg, but just as an analogy).  A stump can make a very large cavity. And because it decomposes little by little over the years, it will create a problem that will continue for many many years. Perhaps thirty to fifty years or more. Depending on the size and rate of the stumps decompression.

A stump may be considered an eye sore


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